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We are sooooooo excited to see the 2021 camp season becoming a reality.  The 2020 camp season became the year that was not to be.  We did have a number of families that came out to camp to just hang out as a family and that was great to see that people still wanted to be in God's creation.  We also were able to host a number of family outings at the camp. Those included the 50 year celebration of MCR, Cowboy Daze, Smooth Trails Ministry, Wildhorse Ministries, and many singing groups at the Cowboy Church. In 2019 we began the idea, "How God uses us to grow the church and teach others how to spread God's Word."  2020 was planned to be the next piece of how we are used to spread God's Word beyond our communities.  We are going to be focusing on how we move the church in trouble times for the 2021 year. It is always great to have new faces at camp and it was great to see them learning about how Great God is and how any of us can be used to do extraordinary things for His Kingdom.

As we are continuing to deal with Covid after effects, we are still having many projects that need to be done at the camp and we are in need of volunteers to come and help work on those projects. 

Cowboy Church at Muscatatuck Christian Ranch continues to meet on Saturday night with many talented groups scheduled for the next few months. Check out the Cowboy Church in our website.

We continue to ask for help for each camp season to pay for those campers that are unable to pay for their week of camp.  We are asking for you to pray and if God leads you to help please send $50 or $100 for a camper to the camp during the camp season, or any other time that God lays it on your heart to help.

As we continue to see the Covid restrictions being relaxed, we are also available for retreats if your church or organization wants to come and use the camp.

Fall Family Round - Up Information
September 30 - October 2, 2020

All information can be found on the FAMILY Roundup page.