Wrangler week  is  one of the biggest weeks of camp we have. The whole week is working with horses, riding horses, learning all about horses, and taking care of them. JR. HIGH / SR. HIGH WEEK
.This week is teamed up with handi-camp week to help teach campers about being  missionary minded. They are there to help with the other campers, but they have their own  in-depth Bible study time. Many of these campers go on to help in the facilitating of other weeks when needed.   
This is an adventure packed week. We spend  most of the week in a cave  somewhere in southern IN.  This is a  week of muddy clothes and  more  mess than most of you have ever seen.
.This week  is for 3rd -6th graders. This week gives campers a change to realize a  week of traditional camp.  They have classes, afternoon activities, vespers, and team competitions.  
.Wrangler week also has a  rodeo on Wednesday.  The campers get to show off to their family and  friends what they have learned.  And everyone gets to enjoy eating the camp's famous barbecue. 
This is a Day Camp Experience for our small horse people to learn many things about horses and and to get a chance to catch a pig, or show off for their parents as to how they can ride at the annual Wednesday rodeo.